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Hyperscale Data Center Installation Race

“Corning’s EDGE Rapid Connect Solution is a game changer, helping Litewave get data centers up and running and generating revenue for our customers faster than ever.”

Dave Mackenzie, President and Founder, Litewave Communications

Successful hyperscale data center operators know how to build efficient, reliable facilities for today and add square-foot capacity as needed for tomorrow. In 2020, an operator was constructing a new building right next to an existing one to nearly double its computing power and network and storage capacity. Corning won the bid for high-density fiber optic cabling and hardware to connect the buildings. Winning the labor bid was Litewave Communications Inc., a fiber optic construction company with more than 20 years of industry experience.


The project’s timing brought some complications, mainly a public health pandemic and its ripple effect on labor, transportation, and supply chain, but one time-related factor really worked in the customer’s favor: Corning was deep in the product development process for EDGE™ Rapid Connect Solutions, the industry’s first preterminated solution designed specifically for high-fiber-count connectivity between data halls and buildings.

Typically, 3456-fiber trunks are pulled between the hyperscale data center’s individual buildings then fusion spliced to the optical fibers within each one – a time-consuming proposition from beginning to end that requires tremendous skill on the technicians’ part. As much as data center operators appreciate the craft of experienced fiber optic techs, they especially value having as few installers in their data center as possible and only for as long as absolutely necessary.


Download our full case study PDF to read the full story about how this solution measured up in a head to head comparison of traditional splice solutions vs EDGE™ Rapid Connect Solutions!

Download the case study to get the whole story.

A side-by-side comparison of preterminated and spliced solutions

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